Where's Wossname?

About the game

"Where's Wossname?" is a multiplayer geography game, where players compete against each other by guessing requested locations on the map. Each player's answer is scored according to its accuracy and haste.
The game ends after a set number of rounds and the player with the highest score is the winner.

What is needed to play Where's Wossname?

Where's Wossname? uses Java VM for execution of its binary files. Java SE Runtime Environment 7 or newer is required to run the game.
Hardware wise, the game is not resource intensive and should run on all contemporary hardware setups.
To list it:

Where can I get more information?

  • Visit developer updated wiki pages. Wiki contains comprehensive articles about running, playing and modding the game along with technical details and other useful tips.
  • Post a new thread on the discussion forums. You have to have a valid sourceforge account to post on the forums.
  • Write me an email.


Where's Wossname? wiki can be found here.

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Latest release: Where's Wossname? (wossname-0.4b-r119.zip)

Older releases: Where's Wossname? release files repository

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